Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Top 5 Dudes of All Time

In no particular order...

Ian Thomas Garner Mackaye-

I don't see any other dude in bands as rad as Teen Idols, Minor Threat, Embrace, Fugazi or The Evans. You know what his favorite band was before hardcore? QUEEN! Dude is a pioneer of what it means to be a dude and not a dick. When he passes (he is already 48. He's the same age as my dad), who will we look to as a guiding light to proper dude edict?

Fun Fact! Ian did a guitar track on the Sonic Youth jam "Youth Against Fascism".

Emma Goldman-

Proof that chicks can be dudes too! Emma ruled. She moved to America from Russia in 1885. She got married, found out her man couldn't pop a boner, and decided the plight of the working man was where it was at. If you're a lady and you like to vote and use birth control, this is your girl. She was part of the Homestead Strike, spent two years in jail for opposing conscription during WWI and eventually got deported for thinking that there should be a 40 hour work week and rich people should fuck off. She got sent back to Russia, which was now the USSR and told them to fuck off too. She had morals, stuck to em, and no deity could bless her enough. Put the rad back in radical.

Evander Berry Wall-

Peep this dudes wiki. He won "The Battle of the Dudes". I had to add him just for that. Even if he was just a rich asshole.

Dan Yemin-

Lifetime and Kid Dynamite are my ultimate dude jams. I've gotten drunk and moshed way to hard to these two bands with best friends to not put this bro on here. After he had a stroke in 2000, instead of saying "Fuck it. Can't be a punk no more." He formed Paint it Black. He's got a doctorate in psychology and is a youth and teen counselor. You can't relate to kids without being a dude.

Han Solo-

Just watch this. Dude is hard as fuck.

Sorry bout the delays in updating this shit. Its summer. I'm wasted most of it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

something for your fucking ears.

so, i would imagine if your looking at this you are in fact some sort of person intrigued by the thought of people punching each other. this then would make me think that you would find some sort of refuge in a grimy basement covered in sweet and possibly (and more than likely) doused in beer, while watching a punk band throwing down some fierce riffs of gnarliness, while keeping an ever vigilant eye out for the douche bags that mosh too hard (if there is such a thing) and maybe a gin bottle.
if so i have some tunes you might find appeasing. funny enough the band's name is PUNCH (like it was by chance... come on, it's 2010. grow up) and they're some harsh ass folks from the Bay Area of ol' California.
anyway, this band shreds! keeping it down to the super fast and fierce hardcore punk that of days gone past. not to mention the singer of this band is in fact a woman. so all you dudes with your shit hair, septum piercings, and heavy metal band shirts have someone to stare at the entire show, and well you stare... I SHALL PUNCH!!!

touch the boy, follow the link, download, then begin the punch.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One month in...

I have a fuckin job, mother fuckers. I work at Big Shitty Burrito, but whatever. I've watched every frakking episode of Battlestar Galactica and listened to every 7 inch I own. I own a lot of those fuckers. Now that I have a job, at least I'll have something to do for 8 hours a day, 5 hours a week. Paco is going to be pissed.

I also started a band. Its sick. Go Denver Hardcore. Even though everyone hates everyone and acts like a bitch over stupid stuff that happened 1-19 years ago, I'm stoked to find a bunch of solid musicians who want to play heavy music. New bands demo to be posted on DPD in the near future.

Oh hey, they have real record stores here. Ain't that some shit. It kind of sucks, though. I have to decide wether I want to eat food or buy shit like this. Not good for a dude who sucks balls at spening money responsibly.

Anyways, I'm going to go smoke a bowl of legal, thats right, LEGAL, pot and drink a tallboy. Not your type of tallboy, a real tallboy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm out!

Alright verde y rojo, we've had some great times, but lately, I've been thinking that we need to see other people. That doesn't mean I won't get drunk and start calling/texting you about how much I miss you in my mouth, and we can still hook up whenever we get the chance, but I just feel like there is more for both of us out there in this big old world. So, I'm sorry to say, but I'm going to have to leave you. I'm moving to Denver.

Oh, don't cry. You knew it was going to happen for the last few months. I've been...distant, and if you're honest with yourself, you have been too since the fall. I know we'll both find someone special, and it'll always be awkward when they find the pictures of us hanging out, but we'll both have fond memories of it. Also, I'm taking the dog.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best of DPD for 2009!

Fuck winter.  I'm over this.  I want to go back to wearing sleeveless t-shirts and cut off shorts.  ANYWAY, on with our countdown of the best moments of 2009.

Best Show in Albuquerque - Fucked Up at the Launchpad

They played a great set, including a bunch of old songs off of their "We only do 7inch" Days.  $1.50 PBR led to Devin announcing to the crowd after the show "I'm the drunkest dude here!" and a round of applause for the guy.

Best Party - CJ's Birthday Party/Lo's Going Away Party/Jon's Birthday Party/CJ's Rasta Coming Out Party

The keg still tapped out at the usual 11:45pm, but there were too many awesome friends around for me to give a shit.  Plus, I was really, really drunk.  Secret weed smoke sessions just helped to hit it home.

Best Road Trip - Blue Hole.

I miss Blue Hole.

Best Trip to the Bars - Pickett's 21st birthday.

Watching him hit on a cocktail waitress, be confounded by an Irish Car Bomb and then projectile vomit once we got home turned out to be too tough of a trip to beat.

Best House -  Hands down, this has to go to Zack and Guido's "Storm Shelter".

The Taylair had way too many lame ass parties.  If you went to the Storm Shelter, you were always guaranteed to get drunk and sing a long to some awesome song with your friends.  If it was a shitty night, that meant Alan was in town picking the songs off the itunes.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Albuquerque City Councilor Don Harris is a Fucking Idiot

This is City Councilor Don Harris from District 9 of Albuquerque.  District 9 is roughly East of Eubank and South of Menaul and Indian School.  If you live there, let me tell you how sorry I am that you get to be represented by this moron.  According to this weeks edition of The Alibi's Council Bite, Don here doesn't believe in Climate Change or Global Warming.  

What the fuck?  Mother fucker, it's two thousand-fucking-nine.  Maybe you could get away with that shit in 1993, or even 2004, but when EVERY SCIENTIST AND EVERYONE WITH A WORKING CEREBRAL CORTEX has figured out that that human activity is affecting the Earth's climate.  Fuck, dude, Richard Nixon even signed environmental legislation and that guy was waaaaaay more of an asshole than I think you are.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Environmental Protection Agency have both acknowledged that Global Warming is real.  Only Sarah Palin and ex-Entertainment Tonight hosts still try to say that it is make believe.  You don't want to be compared to Sarah Palin, do you?  How fucking far in the past is our dear City Councilor?  I hope he's also not one of those fuckers that thinks the Earth is 6,000 years old and that dinosaur bones were only put on Earth to test our faith.

So, Don, I think its time you get with the fucking program.  Albuquerque is in a good spot to really get on the front lines of this whole Green Economy.  We got a metric shit ton of sun, wind and federal laboratories in this state.  If you fuck this up for all of us, we won't just be a high desert anymore.  We'll be a vast wasteland that only Mel Gibson and his band of under dressed child minions will be able to traverse.  Quit being an idiot, and make my town more energy efficient.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An open letter to Megin Taylor...

Fuck you. We do not like living out of our cars and friend's apartments because you don't know what responsibility is. Fuck off and if you come within 5 miles of any of us, we will stab you.


CJ, Pickett, Chris Romero, Armani, and Aaron Romero