Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Top 5 Dudes of All Time

In no particular order...

Ian Thomas Garner Mackaye-

I don't see any other dude in bands as rad as Teen Idols, Minor Threat, Embrace, Fugazi or The Evans. You know what his favorite band was before hardcore? QUEEN! Dude is a pioneer of what it means to be a dude and not a dick. When he passes (he is already 48. He's the same age as my dad), who will we look to as a guiding light to proper dude edict?

Fun Fact! Ian did a guitar track on the Sonic Youth jam "Youth Against Fascism".

Emma Goldman-

Proof that chicks can be dudes too! Emma ruled. She moved to America from Russia in 1885. She got married, found out her man couldn't pop a boner, and decided the plight of the working man was where it was at. If you're a lady and you like to vote and use birth control, this is your girl. She was part of the Homestead Strike, spent two years in jail for opposing conscription during WWI and eventually got deported for thinking that there should be a 40 hour work week and rich people should fuck off. She got sent back to Russia, which was now the USSR and told them to fuck off too. She had morals, stuck to em, and no deity could bless her enough. Put the rad back in radical.

Evander Berry Wall-

Peep this dudes wiki. He won "The Battle of the Dudes". I had to add him just for that. Even if he was just a rich asshole.

Dan Yemin-

Lifetime and Kid Dynamite are my ultimate dude jams. I've gotten drunk and moshed way to hard to these two bands with best friends to not put this bro on here. After he had a stroke in 2000, instead of saying "Fuck it. Can't be a punk no more." He formed Paint it Black. He's got a doctorate in psychology and is a youth and teen counselor. You can't relate to kids without being a dude.

Han Solo-

Just watch this. Dude is hard as fuck.

Sorry bout the delays in updating this shit. Its summer. I'm wasted most of it.