Wednesday, April 21, 2010

something for your fucking ears.

so, i would imagine if your looking at this you are in fact some sort of person intrigued by the thought of people punching each other. this then would make me think that you would find some sort of refuge in a grimy basement covered in sweet and possibly (and more than likely) doused in beer, while watching a punk band throwing down some fierce riffs of gnarliness, while keeping an ever vigilant eye out for the douche bags that mosh too hard (if there is such a thing) and maybe a gin bottle.
if so i have some tunes you might find appeasing. funny enough the band's name is PUNCH (like it was by chance... come on, it's 2010. grow up) and they're some harsh ass folks from the Bay Area of ol' California.
anyway, this band shreds! keeping it down to the super fast and fierce hardcore punk that of days gone past. not to mention the singer of this band is in fact a woman. so all you dudes with your shit hair, septum piercings, and heavy metal band shirts have someone to stare at the entire show, and well you stare... I SHALL PUNCH!!!

touch the boy, follow the link, download, then begin the punch.