Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best of DPD for 2009!

Fuck winter.  I'm over this.  I want to go back to wearing sleeveless t-shirts and cut off shorts.  ANYWAY, on with our countdown of the best moments of 2009.

Best Show in Albuquerque - Fucked Up at the Launchpad

They played a great set, including a bunch of old songs off of their "We only do 7inch" Days.  $1.50 PBR led to Devin announcing to the crowd after the show "I'm the drunkest dude here!" and a round of applause for the guy.

Best Party - CJ's Birthday Party/Lo's Going Away Party/Jon's Birthday Party/CJ's Rasta Coming Out Party

The keg still tapped out at the usual 11:45pm, but there were too many awesome friends around for me to give a shit.  Plus, I was really, really drunk.  Secret weed smoke sessions just helped to hit it home.

Best Road Trip - Blue Hole.

I miss Blue Hole.

Best Trip to the Bars - Pickett's 21st birthday.

Watching him hit on a cocktail waitress, be confounded by an Irish Car Bomb and then projectile vomit once we got home turned out to be too tough of a trip to beat.

Best House -  Hands down, this has to go to Zack and Guido's "Storm Shelter".

The Taylair had way too many lame ass parties.  If you went to the Storm Shelter, you were always guaranteed to get drunk and sing a long to some awesome song with your friends.  If it was a shitty night, that meant Alan was in town picking the songs off the itunes.